MMA is the fastest growing sport so it's no surprise that there is a live event featuring 12 fights this Saturday at the Belgrade Event Center. I watch most every UFC and Strikeforce event on TV, and nothing beats watching the fights live.

In October, I ventured down to California to watch UFC 119. The main event was Brock Lesnar defending his Heavy Weight Championship against the Mexican American Cain Velasquez. The fight was hyped up for several weeks as being the baddest heavyweight battles ever in the UFC. The fighters together equaled about 500 pounds.

Cain Velasquez was the underdog weighing more than 30 pounds less than Lesnar. Did this stop Velasquez? Not for a second. The underdog relentlessly attacked the bully as if he had just gotten his last bit of lunch money stolen on the playground. The fight was over within the first round and Cain Velasquez became the first Mexican heavyweight champion in MMA.

That arena went nuts with all of the thousands of people yelling and jumping during the fight rooting for his or her fighter. It was the most energy I've ever witnessed with my own eyes. I then realized why this sport is growing so fast.

Each event is filled with moments like this. As a member of the crowd, you feel like an entity that can actually affect the outcome of the fight. The louder I yell the harder my fighter will hit or the stronger he will be able to pull himself out of a submission. It's amazing. This energy translates right down to these local fights as well.

The back stories aren't there unless you personally know the local fighters. But almost every fighter has friends and family at the fight so you quickly feel as if you are part of his clan as you cheer along with his closest friends as he battles it out in the ring.

If you have never been to a live event I recommend this Saturday, Tomorrow, at the Belgrade Event Center, doors open at 6 fights starts at 7

See the fight card here