erin phillips

Toddler Calls 911 To Report Dad To Santa
I saw this and it made me laugh so hard!  Parents you better watch out! Usually, Santa Claus shuts down his “Naughty and Nice” lists after December 25th, but one toddler tried to get an early start for 2011.
Montanans Respond To ‘New’ Zodiac Signs
There has been a lot of talk about the 'New' Zodiac Signs. What does Montana think? Some people swear by the zodiac and their horoscope, while others scoff at it - and still others don't believe, but still proudly stand by their sign, be it Scorpio or Gemini - or what you thought wa…
The Joy Of Cooking?
Let me just say this, I am not a great cook.  I cook from my heart – but if that’s the way you describe your skills you know you’re bad!  My 3 aunts got a big kick out of my lack of culinary knowledge during one of my early trips home after moving away…