Remembering Chris Ledoux Today
13 years ago today a great man, Chris LeDoux, died of a rare form of cancer at age 56. Even though he left too soon, he was very accomplished. . .
Help Fight Cancer With Dodgeballs— Lucy’s Light
Help save lives by throwing dodge balls at friends! Lucy's Light is a local organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.  Saturday April 13th a Dodgeball Tournament will be help to raise funds for Lucy's Light.
‘Your Child Has Cancer’— What Would You Do?
With St. Jude a little over a week away we are looking forward to an amazing couple of days here at XL.  Some say it's hard to listen... It's hard to tune in and hear all the sad stories.  Well, that's why we do it, why we work so hard to help raise as much money as possible…

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