There's a new, large task force in Bozeman that is looking at the public school schedule.  I guess there have been some complaints that the summer break is too long, and that children are losing the information they learned the previous year.

I would like to know who is complaining.  It sure as heck isn't me or any of the Moms I know.  I don't think summer is long enough.  I think kids should get out of school for the summer right before Memorial Day weekend and go back right after Labor Day.

I understand that for some people, child care is an issue while they are at work, and I understand that in a global economy, our kids have to be well educated and be able to compete.

I understand that...but I am not going to support a shorter summer with my kids.  I am freaking out that they are growing up too fast.  I am all for a great education, in fact, I think Bozeman schools offer one of the best educations out there, but what about kids being kids?  There's already so much responsibility with homework, activities, etc.

Tell me what you think, XL Nation!