Our computer Guru, Cole, listens to weird music. Well, weird to me.

I love country music.  Always have, always will.  I grew up on it.  I remember listening to Merle, Willie, Waylon and Hank growing up.   I still listen to them.  I also like 80's, 90's and most of the country music out now.

I told Cole I was going to make him a "mixed tape."  I still call it that, even though it will be on a cd.  I was looking through my iPod and got overwhelmed by all the good music.

I need to make a playlist that is essential country.  Music a country music purist would need to really understand and appreciate the genre.

I know I want 'Highwayman,' Poncho & Lefty, Some Hank Sr., Waylon, Alan Jackson-maybe 'Midnight In Montgomery,' George Strait of course, but which song?  I also like Jamey Johnson's 'In Color.'

Help me!