Yesterday I brought you 10 reasons the end of the Summer sucks.  Today I have ten reasons it doesn't.  Just some pros and cons for you.  Even though floating is almost done for there are still lots of other great things to do!Here are a few reasons I am actually happy the Summer is almost over!

  1. Bobcat Football
  2. Tailgating  (yes you might consider this a part of #1, Both are worth mentioning in my book!)
  3. My first baby will be born soon  (Not every summer just this one in particular)
  4. Making Snow Forts
  5. Snow Skiing
  6. NFL Football
  7. It's friggin hot out!
  8. Beer me
  9. Colleen starts to wear more clothing! (Just checking to see if she reads what I write! : -)
  10. Drinking beer while tailgating!