What the heck is going on!  It seems like the Summer just started and I didn't have nearly enough fun!  Hopefully you were able to get out there and enjoy all the great things the Bozeman area has to offer.  Here's a few reasons the end of the summer sucks---

What's the one thing you wish you could get a Summer extension for?  Comment below on what you want more time for!

  1. No more Music On Main
  2. Floating is finished
  3. School starts----
  4. Drinking outdoors in my underwear becomes a little too cold---
  5. Water Skiing is cold!
  6. Bad drivers from out-of-state show up for school
  7. No more Rodeos
  8. Everything starts turning brown
  9. Less sunlight during the day (I'm not a vampire... I like my sunlight)
  10. Camping requires warmer gear (who wants to hall extra crap with them?)


My Summer floated on by and I didn't even go floating!