No one likes to think about it happening anywhere, but especially in our own towns.

There are kids, right here in SW Montana that are so neglected, they have to be taken out of the home.

When there's no one else to watch out for these kids' rights, Guardian Ad Litem, or CASA steps in.  It's an organization that gives a voice to children, who otherwise may not have one.  The volunteer, who goes through extensive training and background checks, makes sure that the courts look out for the best interest of the child.

It's an organization we just don't hear about very often, because of the severity of the cases.

There are always cases in the courts, and GAL, or CASA, needs your help to make sure that each child has someone looking out for them.

An easy, and fun way to help is to simply go out to eat at either Santa Fe Reds location this Wednesday, June 20th.  5% of sales (for the entire day) will go directly to CASA.

Click below to learn more about this amazing organization from CASA Co-Directors Anita Nybo and Nancy Mitchell, who were on the XL Country  Morning Show today.

For more information, or to get involved with CASA, call 406-582-2051, or email