Went to The Ridge today to meet with Annie, the super-trainer!  Once again, so happy with The Ridge for hooking me up with her.  She's sweet, funny, beautiful...and SO MEAN to me!  Actually, she has a way of getting me to push myself, without actually hurting myself.  We did alot of interval training, which is how I like to work out.  You keep moving, and it's always something different.  I worked every muscle in my body, and can already feel it.  I love that feeling!

I was so sick for about a year.  Every time I did any kind of physical activity, I would be drained.  I felt awful all the time.  If I did work out, I would be out for days.  That's how I got to hate working out.  I had always been so active, and then I got to a point where it just became too much.  Not anymore.  I was working out, sweating like crazy, and feeling better than I have in a long time.  It's funny how you take little things for granted until you lose them.  I am sleeping again.  I have energy.  I am actually enjoying physical activity again.  Life is good.

This past weekend, I was walking with my Emma and she said, "Mom, I am so glad you are you again.  It's nice that you can go walking with me again."  That is when I realized that I have made the right decision to join The Ridge.  I am looking forward to the warmer weather, to alot more walks with my babies, and this summer at the lake.  That first step was the hardest, but it gets a little easier every day.