The CEO of a New Jersey company who was upset that there was no milk for his coffee threatened to fire employees who finish off the office milk supply and don't replenish it, according to the Star-Ledger.

Beckerman Public Relations executive Keith Zakheim wrote in an e-mail, "I have repeatedly requested until I am blue in the face that the person that finishes the milk must replace the milk. It's not complicated and is a simple sign of respect for fellow employees." He continued, "I am gravely serious when I write this -- if I catch someone not replacing the milk, or at least, in the case where the downstairs store has closed already, not sending an e-mail to the office so the first person that arrives . . . can pick one up upon arrival -- then I am going to fire you. I'm not joking." He closed his letter, saying, "Have fun explaining that one to your next employer. This is not a empty threat, so PLEASE don't test me."

I have had a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad boss in my past employment.  He did crazy stuff like that, and made everyone's life miserable.  Tell me about the worst thing a boss has ever done to you.