People everywhere are talking about building walls. How about we build a wall around Montana?

You hear it all the time. "Montana is getting too big", or "Sshhhh...Don't give away Montana's secrets" I've got a solution. Why don't we build a wall around the borders of Montana to prevent Montana from getting overpopulated. After all, it is the last best place, why don't we keep it that way?

We could even ask one the of the candidates for Governor to join our fight. Maybe Steve Bullock will dip into his "Rainy Day Fund" to pay for it, or Greg Gianforte can donate around a billion dollars to the cause. He is into restricting access, after all. The plan to build a wall seems to be working for Donald Trump. It's about time our candidates hear the message.

Think about all of the benefits to building a wall around Montana. You wouldn't have to worry about losing highly educated workers to other states, because they couldn't leave! All of your favorite camping and fishing spots wouldn't change because people wouldn't be able to access them. No more tourists ruining Montana. Only the people that are here now can stay.

Let's keep Montana the beautiful state that it is by building "The Great Wall of Montana!' What do you think?