With the first presidential debate scheduled for Thursday in Cleveland, I have to say I'm not real excited about who we have to choose from. So, it got me to thinking: What country artist would I like to see as president?  Here's my Top 5 - not necessarily in this order.


  • 1

    Willie Nelson

    It's Willie, come on! You really need to ask why he made the list?

  • 2

    Toby Keith

    ISIS and Iran wouldn't dare mess with Toby. He's also pro-soldier which every president should be.

  • 3

    Reba McEntire

    Reba is no-nonsense! I would completely trust her judgement in a high level meeting with Syria or Iran. She would also look fabulous at a state dinner.

  • 4

    Aaron Tippen

    It would be great to have a president with bigger muscles than Russia's Gladimir Putin.

  • 5

    Blake Shelton

    I feel like Blake would give us more national holidays--and less work is always good. Plus, I bet he would throw the best White House parties.