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Idol Judge Steven Tyler Has New Music
Steven Tyler who replaced Simon on American Idol this year has released his first ever solo record called "(It) Feels So Good".   The music video for the tune will be world premiered on the Idol Results show on Thursday May 12th...
Do You Remember Your Very First Kiss?
This video is taking the web by storm!  Kids and their first kiss!  The video is licensed by ABC NEWS.  Their question - "is it cute or is it just too  much?"  Watch it and let us know what you think.
Do You Eat While You’re Driving?
While driving on 7th Monday afternoon close to Durston, I was waiting at the stop light.  Looked over at the car next to me...this guy and gal were eating.  Ribs!  I couldn't believe it.  I watched them for as long as the light was red, then
Throw The &*$% Stick!
Okay, this is a very funny video.  Our dog Daisy would probably do the same thing!  Do you have a dog that does any kind of tricks?
Shania Twain Is Redbook Magazine’s Cover Girl For June!
Shania Twain is on the cover of the June Redbook Magazine and speaks her mind about being betrayed inher marriage to losing her voice to ending up with her ex husbands best friend!  She has a new book out called 'From This Moment On', new music on the way and a new show...
Mother’s Day Fun Stuff To Know
Mom's Day is Sunday!  How will you celebrate Mother's Day for your Mom this year?  Dinner, flowers, a complete day off from cooking, cleaning, taking care of everything?  Over the next couple days, I'll have some Mother's Day fun stuff to know for you!  Check …

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