When Is Your Least Productive Time of Day?
Working that job 9-5 can be a drain... but you have to keep on chugging along.  When you are working/ emailing/ planning for the weekend/ Facebooking, what is your most productive time of day?  I'd say mine is my lunch break!  But I don't think they count that.
The Top Eight Things That Stress People Out at Work
We all have some kind of stress at work.  If you don't, please let me know where you work, and if you're hiring!
A new survey by Harris Interactive came up with a list of the top eight things that stress people out at work. Maybe hearing that everyone ELSE has these problems will make …
Office Food – Love It Or Leave It?
Pretty much every day, I find some kind of food in our kitchen at work.
Sometimes it's store bought donuts.  Sometimes, home made goodies.  Sometimes, it's a mystery treat.
I am not big on work treats, unless I know where they came from...
Embarrassing Holiday Work Parties
A survey has found that one in four of us will kiss a colleague at their work Christmas party over the coming weeks.
1/3 of the people who work in PR said they have taken a coworker home for the night.
Those in the teaching profession are the most likely to call in sick after the work party, with …
Employees Under 30 More Likely To Call In Sick
Workers under 30 are twice as likely to take time off if they have a cold than the older generation, according to a survey.
A poll of 3,000 adults found the fast-paced modern workplace is taking its toll on younger workers.
More than two thirds of under-30s took at least one day off for a cold in…
Workers Win Lottery After Getting Laid Off
Everyone always dreams of winning the lottery!  Good news for 18 people who currently won big!!
OTTAWA, Canada — Disappointment turned into celebration and happiness after a group of manufacturing plant employees in Ottawa won $7 million in the lottery a day after their company announce…
Feeling Stressed Out Due To The Holidays?
I used to stress every year around the holidays.  I still have lots of friends that stress out completely this time of year.  Always running, always behind, always complaining about something.  I have finally discovered (with my wife Lori's help), that if you just breathe, smile, and take a step bac…