Moose on the Loose in the XL Country Studios
Today, Amy from the XL Morning show talked me into putting on the head of a moose costume, and scaring our HR lady here in the office. Since, I'm a push over and easily influenced, I decided to do it. It was a bad idea. The HR lady was not pleased and for some reason didn't find it as funn…
How To Handle A Crying Coworker
If you've ever had a coworker start crying at the office, you know how awkward it is.
So awkward that you probably get irritated at the person for making you uncomfortable. Here's a list of six slightly more appropriate reactions.
When Is Your Least Productive Time of Day?
Working that job 9-5 can be a drain... but you have to keep on chugging along.  When you are working/ emailing/ planning for the weekend/ Facebooking, what is your most productive time of day?  I'd say mine is my lunch break!  But I don't think they count that.
The Top Eight Things That Stress People Out at Work
We all have some kind of stress at work.  If you don't, please let me know where you work, and if you're hiring!
A new survey by Harris Interactive came up with a list of the top eight things that stress people out at work. Maybe hearing that everyone ELSE has these problems will make …

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