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Oh My Gosh!  Who would EVER think that Lady Antebellum band members would "steal" from another song...I certainly wouldn't ever think that about them.  But if you listen to the songs, once they've been blended together...ya gotta wonder...?
Mommy Memos: Hell Yes!
HELL YES! That's my 3 year old son's answer to everything I ask him now.  "Matthew, do you want lunch?"  "HELL YES!"    "Matthew, did you poop in your pants?"  "HELL YES!"  &nbs…
Tom Jordan on XL Country Mornings
Okay, so I'm the new goofy guy on XL Country.  I REALLY love playing here...uh...working here!  It's such a great place with awesome folks to work with each day!  Being here in Bozeman is in a way coming home for my wife Lori and me.  We owned a business here in the pas…