kid rock

Country Artists & the Flag
Country music is as American as football / apple pie / insert-any-other-cliche-phrase-here, so it makes sense that, from time to time, the genre's artists would don some patriotic clothing.
Colleen Gets Up Close To Kid Rock
I feel like I can call him Kid since I was so close to him.
This isn't where I was supposed to be.  I was in the 'Party Zone' and standing about 20 feet back.
However, there's something about me, after I have a couple of cocktails, it is very important for me to move to the fr…
Do You Have A Dumb Name Too?
Kid Rock thinks his name is dumb.  In fact one of the dumbest names out there! From esquire magazine, they have the interview with Kid from the  Published in the May 2011 Music Issue, on sale now.