Montana Hunting Permits Now Available for Elk & Deer
For our XL Nation hunters, the new hunting and fishing year begins on March 1st for us here in Montana, and licenses and applications are now available online for Elk & Deer permits.  The hunting & fishing license year runs from March 1st thru February 18, 2015. The ap...
The Trophy Room Voting Page Final hours!
The submissions are in and now it is time to vote for the best trophy in our Trophy Room - Ultimate Hunting Package giveaway. The voting ends on October 31, 2013 so be sure to use the share links above to get as many people to vote for your trophy as possible.
Two Huge Elk Engaged in Fight Nearly Takeout Hunter [VIDEO]
I'm not a hunter at all but I can appreciate the strength and majestic aura of wild animals. Jeremiah Mosely got close enough to see just how powerful Montana Elk can be. He was lucky enough to catch two Elk battling with their antlers for over a couple minutes. While filming the action, Jeremi…

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