My First Bozeman M Hike!
This was a big week for me! I feel like I'm finally on my way to earning my Bozeman Card. With the winter lasting so long, I haven't really been able to get out and explore since I moved here way back in January. Yesterday, I finally hit the M Trail!
Facebook Community to Help Share Bozeman Area Trail Conditions
Don’t you wish you could know what to expect before venturing off on your next hike?  Maybe you have never walked a certain trail before and want some insight before you go. By visiting the Bozone Conditions Facebook community, you can find out directly from local hikers just li…
Best Places to Cool Off in Bozeman This Summer
We've been waiting long enough for summer to arrive but soon enough we will be hoping for it too cool down again. On those hot summer days we've got several ideas to help you make the most of them and stay cool while enjoying another wonderful Bozeman Summer.
Hyalite Road Closing For Spring Thaw
From April 1st until May 15th Hyalite Road will be closed to motorized vehicles while all that snow that has piled up all winter melts.
Gallatin National Forest
"This transition time provides a great opportunity for hikers, bikers, roller-bladers, and other non-motorized recreationists to us…