Final Update on Yellowstone Fires (Fingers Crossed)!
This will be the final update for the Tatanka Complex and the Maple Fire unless significant activity occurs. With cloudy and wet weather in the forecast, very little fire activity is expected today.
Crews on the Buffalo Fire will remove structure protection from the Elk Tongue and Lower Slough Creek …
Yellowstone Fires-the Latest News
Not a lot has changed since the last update. Warmer, humid weather and winds over the next couple of days will continue to dry fuels, which may result in increasing fire behavior (creeping, isolated/small group torching), but is not likely to cause large fire growth
Cooler Weather Helps with Yellowstone Fires
Clouds and scattered showers are helping firefighters get a handle on the Yellowstone fires, however there is still plenty of smoke in the Slough Creek and Buffalo Fire areas, plus more intermittent smoke is expected to come from the Maple Fire over the next couple of days...
Yellowstone Park Fire Update and Meeting Tonight
This afternoon, firefighters will begin a planned burnout on the Maple Fire east of the Madison River, in an attempt to remove unburned fuel and get the fire under control. There will be noticeable smoke in the Madison Junction area for the next few days...
Help for Animals Displaced By Fires
I was talking to one of the waitresses at Spectator's yesterday, and she has horses near Pine Creek.  Her truck and trailer were ready to go in case of an evacuation, but she didn't know where to take them.  I now have the answer for her, and anyone else in the same position!
Getting Horses Out Of Harm’s Way
MAERA, a non-profit (Montana Awareness, Education and Equine Rehab Association) in Belgrade is opening its facility to help anyone in need who may need to move their horses from any fires (especially the Bear Trap Fire) to get them out of harm’s way.