can the griz

Bozeman Wins 'Can the Griz'!
No matter what happens on the football field, Cat fans should be feel excited because we won the 'Can the Griz' competition this year! Way to go, Gallatin Valley!
Griz Win 'Can the Griz'
It was a tough Saturday for us Bobcat fans. Not only did we lose the football game but we also found out that we lost 'Can the Griz'. This year Bobcat fans were able to raise 261,000 pounds of food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. The Griz brought in 281,000 for their food bank (these ar…
Smith's Food Drive Total
When we said we had a goal to collect 15,000 pounds of food for this year’s Can the Griz XL Country food drive out at Smith’s, some people said we were crazy.
Can The Griz Food Drive! Griz Soup Anyone?
It is that time of the year again--- Time to "Can The Griz" on and off the field!  The off the field 'canning' will take place from November 3rd - 17th.  Time to dish the grizzlies another loss!  And the best part about this food drive?.