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Cat/Griz Parties Across the Nation!
Almost anywhere In the USA, even Hawaii and Alaska, you can watch the Brawl Of The Wild!  Cat/griz 2012 is looking to be a  big game.  Here is a map of places where you can watch the game if you are unable to make it to the Zootown.
Bobcat Football Sitting Good For Final Three Games
With yesterdays win over North Dakota the Bobcats have made a statement--- They are back and better than ever!  Racking up over 695 yards of total offense after there bye week.  Why are the Cats sitting good going into the end of the regular season?  A few key losses yesterday could m…
‘Earthquake’ Felt In Missoula This Morning—
An 1-4 magnitude tremor was felt in Missoula this morning as thousands of bandwagon fans jumped ship... Oh wait that's the Griz record... My bad!  The University of Montana Grizzlies fell to 1-4 in league play over the weekend in a loss to North Dakota.
Why You are important at Bobcat Home games
I love that moment when I'm in the Bobcat Game and the stadium is packed! The first half is always a great experience!  The beginning of the second half is the dreary part.  Most of the crowd heads out to the tailgates during halftime and they don't make it back in until halfway …

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