This week we get the honor of another visit to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We'll be in Memphis this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to learn more about the hospital and the kids who are patients there. We'll also get to learn about all the new advancements they've made in helping to cure kids, and the world, of cancer. This is all in preparation for our annual St. Jude Radiothon which is coming up in just 7 weeks.

A lot of people have been asking: are we going to do the kickoff concert again this year? Yes! And our friend Stephanie Quayle will again be the featured artist! We'll be announcing where the concert is going to be held and how you can get your FREE tickets after we get back from Memphis.

Please make note of these dates:

Wednesday, March 2nd - St. Jude Kickoff Concert (Time & Place to be announced)

Thursday, March 3rd - Day 1 of St. Jude Radiothon 6a - 7p

Friday, March 4th - Day 2 of St. Jude Radiothon 6a - 7p

If you would like to volunteer and help out during our radiothon, please email me at