Three destinations in Montana made the list for America's 20 Best Places to Travel During Coronavirus, according to Forbes.

In my opinion, I wish the authors of these articles would leave Montana out of them, especially during the times we are currently living in. We don't need a bunch of people flocking to Montana during a pandemic. Just my two cents.

The three locations in Montana that landed on the list are Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Bozeman.

Here's the full list from

  1. Outer Banks, North Carolina
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Fairbanks, Alaska
  4. Aspen, Colorado
  5. Honolulu, Hawaii
  6. Glacier National Park, Montana
  7. Nantucket, Massachusetts
  8. Moab, Utah
  9. Kauai, Hawaii
  10. Cheyenne, Wyoming
  11. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  12. Anchorage, Alaska
  13. Taos, New Mexico
  14. Rapid City, South Dakota
  15. Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  16. Bozeman, Montana
  17. Amarillo, Texas
  18. Fredericksburg, Texas
  19. Breckenridge, Colorado
  20. Ruidoso, New Mexico

Another interesting thing to point out is that two of the three destinations listed are either closed or partially closed at the time. I understand that tourism is extremely important to Montana's economy, but this is a little over the top.

To read the entire article from Forbes, click here.

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