LeAnn Rimes beat rumor mills before they could start last week, as she revealed through her Twitter page that she had some “minor surgery” done to what seems to be her mouth area.

“K, coming clean,” Rimes tweeted Saturday morning (Feb. 4). “I had minor surgery this week and I’ve been in SO much pain it’s not even funny. Nothing major just annoying! Pain pain go away!!!!!! When it’s mouth pain and jaw pain it makes your whole head pound! YUCK.”

By the next afternoon, the pain had lessened for Rimes, and she replied to many well wishes from her concerned fans. “The pain is subsiding finally for a moment,” she wrote, following a tweet remarking on how beautiful the Malibu, Calif. beaches were in February. “My head has been vibrating all day. Maybe the sand under my feet is helping.”

Like most of America on Sunday afternoon, Rimes hunkered down to get ready for some Super Bowl 2012 action, even though she wasn’t feeling completely top notch. “Not well,” she tweeted at a fan asking how she was feeling. “Still yucky feeling but I’m ready for football for sure.”

For Rimes, the end result of the Super Bowl was in her favor, as the New York Giants claimed the victory. It might have not helped her pain any, but it definitely brightened her mood some!