Sometimes it's hard to find qualified experts for advice when it comes to home security.

Thankfully, TikToker and former Florida Department of Corrections inmate Jen Gomez is down to give an inside look at how burglars choose which homes to target.

Who Is Jen Gomez On TikTok?

Gomez claims she spent 10 years in Florida's prison system. Since her release, Gomez has dished on life inside prison including how she gave birth to her son while incarcerated and how she met her best friend who is still in her life today.

In one of her TikTok videos, Gomez says she got caught up with someone who was involved in organized crime overseas. Much of her crime-specific videos that don't have to do with prison life discuss her time as a cat burglar.

TikTok screenshot of former prison inmate giving burglary tips
jenjengomez2.0 via TikTok

Recent videos have included explanations on how she got into homes and another eye-opening post about how she chose her potential targets.

Gomez assures viewers she is not making these videos as tutorials. Instead, she wants to help homeowners avoid being potential victims.

"This is not to teach people to burglarize homes," Gomez says. "I am very remorseful."

What Makes Your Home More Likely To Be Burglarized

Like any profession or hobby, Gomez says she became a better burglar over time.

"When I started my cat burglary career, I started to develop a mental checklist," she said in a recent video.

Here is a breakdown of what she would look for when seeking out potential homes to target.

1. Rainy days

"The nastier the weather, the better it was for me to commit a crime on that day," Gomez explains.

She preferred rainy days that would keep people indoors. If they did happen to look out their window, their view would be obscured by raindrops.

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Plus, she says police and others are less likely to chase in poor weather conditions.

"If it's raining or drizzling, that's primetime for me."

2. Tall Landscaping or Fencing

This one is a no-brainer. Gomez says she would target homes with features that would provide her ample privacy while she was entering the property.

3. Time of Day

Gomez claims that she would typically wake up around 6 a.m. and prepare to burglarize homes between 8 and 11:30 a.m. when residents would more likely be at work or school.

"I really did this like a full-time job," she says.

Her lunch break (and likely the lunch break for homeowners) would last until 1:30 p.m. before heading out to hit a few more houses for the day.

4. Alarm System

This one seems a little questionable when you consider Gomez was eventually arrested and spent time in prison. She says she would actually target homes that had signs for alarm systems outside.

"I needed there to be an alarm because if there is an alarm, I feel like you have something to protect," Gomez says in the video "And if you have something to protect, you probably have something valuable I can resell."

5. Pets

Another somewhat surprising factor on Gomez's list for potential homes to burglarize was if the family had any pets. She says a pet usually meant there was a good chance the alarm wouldn't be a factor.

"I know if there is an animal walking around the house, your motion sensors are off," Gomez says.

It's important to know that Gomez allegedly targeted homes that were valued between $500,000 and $3 million, meaning some of these guidelines don't apply to all types of living spaces.

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