This news is something to consider when buying a vehicle in Montana.

The most common way to get around Montana is by vehicle. Many locals and tourists use cars, trucks, and SUVs to travel around for work, trips, and more.

Most folks own vehicles that don't cost an absorbent amount of money. Trucks and cars are the most commonly bought vehicles. Montana has only a handful of luxury car dealerships because there isn't a large market.

Photo by Glen Ardi via Unsplash
Photo by Glen Ardi via Unsplash

That doesn't mean folks don't own luxury vehicles in Montana. You will see high-priced cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and more in cities across the state.

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Why don't more folks own luxury vehicles? If your car has problems or needs to be fixed to be taken care of, you will have trouble finding a place for repairs in Montana.

If you own one of these luxury vehicles, you should probably get it checked out soon.

Photo by Victor Furtana via Unsplash
Photo by Victor Furtana via Unsplash

USA Today reports several luxury vehicles announced recalls for several reasons. Here are a few.

  • Mercedes-Benz- They are recalling over 14,000 vehicles due to a software malfunction shutting down their battery.
  • Ford-Lincoln Navigator division has recalled over 109,000 SUVs for an electrical problem with their backup camera.
  • TeslaOver 125,000 models of Tesla cars are flagged, due to a seat belt malfunction.

If you own a Lincoln Navigator, you will find several places in Montana to get serviced, but you might have an issue with the other two brands.

Mercedes-Benz has two licensed dealerships in Billings and Missoula. Tesla might be the biggest problem.

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Tesla's closest dealership is in Salt Lake City, and that's quite a trek for a vehicle with limited charge stations between here and Utah.

Be safe out there!

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