The only question to ask is whether it's worth the money.

We might be in the middle of summer, but many look forward to breaking out their skis or snowboards in a few months to shred fresh powder.

Montana has over twenty incredible ski areas and resorts that draw locals and tourists during the snowy season.

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Most Montanans stick to local mountains, but some larger resorts have more runs, lifts, and amenities to enjoy. The only downside of the resorts is they can cost quite a bit for a day pass.

Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Big Sky Resort via Facebook

Those who frequent the mountains tend to buy a season pass to their favorite area. Passes might cost more but are worth the price if you ski or snowboard consistently.

What if you want to travel around and try several ski areas but not pay a ton? There might be an option for you.

Two popular ski passes give access to several high-profile ski areas or resorts.

Bridger Bowl via Facebook
Bridger Bowl via Facebook

They are the IKON Pass and the Indy Pass.

What's the difference between the two?

The IKON Pass gives access to some of the world's most prominent ski resorts like Big Sky Resort in Montana. They have several options including a four-day pass that gives you access to all the resorts you might want to check out this winter.

The Indy Pass focuses more on independently owned mountains and cross-country skiing facilities. This pass has more Montanan ski spots including Blacktail, Red Lodge, and more.

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area via Facebook
Blacktail Mountain Ski Area via Facebook

If you want to experience more mountains or resorts for an affordable price, you should check out these passes. The best part is they are both on sale before they raise prices in the fall.

Who's ready for the winter?

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