This airport in Montana plays an important role in helping folks gain access to one of the most rural spots in our state.

Every airport in America sees a massive uptick in travelers during the summer. The pleasant weather has people in a fantastic mood to enjoy and experience exciting places around the United States.

Montana's airports see a surge of visitors every summer. Folks are coming to Big Sky Country to check out our national parks, outdoor activities, and more.

Photo by Daniel Lim via Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Lim via Unsplash

The main Montana airports are Bozeman, Missoula, Billings, and Kalispell. These airports see millions of passengers from all over America.

These airports have multiple terminals, airlines, and services within their facilities. These airports might not be some of the largest in America, but they do well for themselves.

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Some other airports in Montana are smaller, like Butte, Great Falls, and Helena, but Big Sky Country has one airport considered the smallest in America.

Up in Northeast Montana, there is an airport with one airline that flies twice daily, and it's to Montana's largest city.

Photo by Danila Hamsterman via Unsplash
Photo by Danila Hamsterman via Unsplash

We are talking about the Dawson Community Airport in Glendive.

The Dawson Community Airport is a picture-perfect example of a small-town airport. It's close to town, has an open baggage claim, and you can get through TSA in less than a minute.

They only have one airline that operates out of the airport, Cape Air.

Cape Air/Nantucket AIrlines via Facebook
Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines via Facebook

Cape Air is a small airline company that operates all over America and the Caribbean and focuses on short cheap flights.

You can fly from Glendive to the Billings Airport round trip for around $80.

This airport is important for many who live in Dawson County and the surrounding areas. Locals would have to drive hours to Great Falls or Billings to fly out of Montana.

It's great to see this small airport get recognition.

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