A member of the XL Nation is reaching out for our help. Tosha Ward's brother-in-law was involved in a head on accident on June 23rd. He did survive the potentially deadly crash but is looking at multiple surgeries to help heal his injuries. Here is what Tosha posted on a GoFundMe page set up for her brother-in-law Gunner:

On June 23rd, 2015, my brother-in-law Gunner Bradeen was involved in a head-on-collision on a 70 mph highway, from Bozeman, MT to Helena, MT.  They were on their way to work. He was asleep when the accident happened, and that helped him in the long run. Compared to the others involved, he has minimal injuries.

He has to see an orthopedic surgeon due to knee injuries, has nine staples in an open slash on his leg, as well as many other cuts and bruises all over his body. He was checked for a broken back and internal bleeding, but luckily he doesn't suffer from either. He was only in the emergency room for 11 hours, but his movement at home is very limited. We were able to get him a wheelchair to get to and from the bathroom, otherwise he is staying on the couch 24/7. 

He is the sole provider of his family, with his wife Bryce and 9 month old daughter, so financial stress has also caused a great burden. 

If you are unable to help financially, prayers and kind words are always welcome, not only for our family, but also the others involved in the accident, including Gunner's boss who is in ICU and severely injured. 

Thank you all for all your prayers and help in this time of need. Please feel free to contact me, Tosha, if you have any questions.

If you would like to help out Gunner and his family please click on the link below:

Help Gunner