Local author Douglas Stream from Belgrade will be having a book signing and reading of his book Better Late Than Never this Saturday the 8th from 3-6pm at Hastings on Main Street. It's an inspiring story where Stream reveals all. Written from the point of view of a recovering addict, not a counselor or researcher, the book provides the reader with rare insight into sexual disorders. An inspirational book filled with adventure, hope, and divine truth, Better Late Than Never will encourage you to overcome your fears and weaknesses on the way to a more productive and meaningful life.

Douglas Stream

What could inspire a shy, middle-class Christian gentleman to write a non-fiction book dealing with such distressing and relatively unknown subjects – sexual anorexia and sexual addiction? As I attempted to explain in the introduction, the driving force behind Better Late Than Never – But God’s Best is Worth Waiting For arose not more than one month after publication of my first book – I had to know the truth. Working feverishly to meet a self-imposed deadline, I failed to do the hard research that would be necessary to properly write such a chapter. More specifically, my inability to understand the complex reasons behind that confusing chapter dealing with “sexual disorder” motivated me to continue my research and begin writing again.

Essentially what commenced as a continuation of my autobiography, Catamount’s Quest, soon blossomed into a healing journey of self-discovery. As a matter of fact, those last six words could very well have been used as an appropriate sub-title to Better Late Than Never. With a steady stream of fresh insight, it was as though God was rewarding me for the research I continued to conduct. Admittedly, if my objective had been more clearly defined when I started the second project, the entirety of Better LateThan Never would likely have been devoted to the subject of sexual addiction and recovery.

As it were, nearly half of this new book was required to fully unpack the “baggage” that preceded my long-delayed recovery from sex addiction. Had I been content to believe that “sexual aversion disorder” (aka sexual anorexia) is primarily attributable to anxiety (as one very highly-acclaimed sex therapist would have you believe), I would never have known the complete truth. Those of you who have struggled with pornography and sexual sin will find Better Late Than Never a valuable resource for your recovery.

I would like to share a final word with regard to my elusive soul-mate. As you will soon learn, the odds that I would ever successfully marry were stacked very, very high against me as I approached the half-century mark. Had it not been for the divine appointment that brought my future wife and me together in 2006, Better Late Than Never would never have been written. Not only did her sweet love save me from impending disaster, but it inspired me to share this most unusual, heartwarming story with you. I can assure you that if someone like me can fall in love and live happily ever after, anyone can! I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading Better Late Than Never as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I will leave you with one final word of admonition that I have learned the hard way. Don’t try to force open a door that God has closed through sheer willpower and/or manipulation; He alone knows what is best. With God’s help, anything is possible - but you must wait patiently, never losing hope.

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