Early Saturday morning a 72-year-old man was seriously injured when he was hit by a vehicle near the intersection of 7th Avenue and Hemlock Street. The driver did not stop and police are still looking for a silver vehicle with damage to the windshield or window, with likely damage to the front end from the accident.

One passing motorist did stop and try to help the injured man and that person have now spoken out on Craigslist:

I'm the "passing motorist" who found the hit-and-run victim on 7th Ave recently, and I'm still seething with emotion over what happened that morning. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that someone right here in my home town caused horrible physical harm to an old man and then abandoned him to die alone in the street. Whoever you are, you left somebody's grandfather lying on the road like a bag of human garbage, bleeding, unable to move, his brain quickly swelling from the impact of your windshield. To me, you are the worst sort of person imaginable, who would not offer life-saving aid, who would run away in cowardice from responsibility, who is too wretchedly self-centered to be capable of compassion. You had better believe that I will be looking for your silver car every day until I hear you are either captured or turn yourself in. 

As for the rest of you who drove past me that morning, rubbernecking yourselves into a spasm but not offering one lick of help...a giant middle finger to all of you. Seriously, I was lying with him bleeding in the street, not another human around, and you drove right around me like it was all a scene from a movie I was making. How dare you! The absolute lack of care and compassion I witnessed that morning was not only disturbing, but heartbreaking as well. I don't care if you were on your way to work- I was also out working! Do you really think your boss would say, "Oh, thank God you didn't stop to help save that man's life- you might have been ten minutes late!"

You disappoint me Bozeman. You used to be better than this. You used to help your neighbor, whether you knew the person or not, simply because that's what good people do for each other. We used to watch out for each other. What happened to that, and can we please have it back?

Thank you, to whoever you are for helping that man. And we would love it if you would reach out to us and come on the XL Morning Show to talk about. You can email me at Dave@XLcountry.com.

What do you think, XL Nation? Do you agree that we have a compassion problem in Bozeman? I would like to believe that I would have stopped to help this man. What if that injured pedestrian was your dad? Wouldn't you want someone to help him in that situation?

What would you have done? Stopped to help or keep on driving? And how do you feel about the people who didn't stop to help? Please post any comments you have below.