I was out running errands today and STARVING!  So were the kids.  They talked me into McDonalds because there are apparently RIO toys there.  I ordered them their chicken nuggets and apple dippers, and all I could think of was a quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and a soda.  I didn't do it!!!  I waited until I got home and had yogurt with granola, which is actually one of my favorite treats.   I "blame" The Ridge.  Since working out there, I have also changed my eating habits.  Not because anyone there told me to, but because I now want to.  Even my trainer, Annie, tells me that you have to treat yourself, which I do.  I have a glass of red wine and a little dark chocolate every day, and trust me, I will be ordering a McDonald's cheeseburger on another day.  Maybe on a day where I made it to The Ridge.    Over the weekend, I had pizza and nachos, but skied like a maniac and needed those calories!  I didn't feel guilty at all because I know I am working out, and deserve a "free day."

Just so you know, I don't obsess about everything I eat.  I also don't ever say I look "fat," at least in front of the kids.  I want to show my kids that life is all about balance.  Our rule here is that you can have a treat, but you have to eat something healthy first.  I don't want to keep candy and chips away from my kids because I think if it's forbidden, it will only make them want it more.  I know that's how I am!  I truly believe moderation is the key in life...all aspects of life.

I didn't make it to the gym today.  I have a sick kid at home, and am taking my oldest, Emma, to  swim lessons after school, then it's dinner, homework and bed.  I am going to at least try to get a walk in today, in this beautiful, sunny spring like weather.

I hope you can join me at The Ridge!