We love the fact that you listen to us at 100.7 on your FM radios. But did you know there are also many other ways for you to listen and interact with us here at XL Country?

  • We live stream here on our website at XLCountry.com 24/7. You can listen to us at work on your computer or at home. We have people following and listening to us all over the world.
  • Download RadioPup and you can listen to XL Country on your smartphone. It is a FREE app in you app store and you can take XL Country anywhere you take your smartphone. Except the bathroom - please don't take us there, you need to focus!
  • XL Country on Facebook. You can follow us on our Facebook page and become part of the XL Nation on Facebook. Facebook is a great place to personally interact with us, and also share a part of your life with us.
  • Follow us on Twitter @XLCountry1007.
  • Coming soon: XL Country on Instagram

Become a part of the XL Nation on any, or better yet, all of the above! And again, thank you for being a part of the XL Nation!