On my way to work today, I was tuned into XL Country 100.7 listening to my coworkers Colleen and Russell. I started listening just in time to catch the usual weather report followed by a few songs and then the mentioning of doughnuts at the station!

Colleen and Russell were gushing about delicious doughnuts they were given from a certain XL Country listener and XL Nation member, Anita M! I continued my drive envisioning the maple glazed doughnut Colleen described to her thousands of hungry XL Country listeners. I hoped upon hope at least half of a doughnut remained.

Luck be have it, there were more than a few doughnuts left! My decision of which one to devour lingered between a chocolate bar and a sugar doughnut. I decided on sugar, and although my keyboard is now in need of a thorough cleaning, the doughnut's deliciousness did not disappoint!

I'm not sure if it's because it's Friday, because of the tasty treats in the break room or both, but the mood in the office today is noticeably more chipper. I would like to extend a massive and warm thank you to Anita for giving us a smile on our face and a tasty treat in our bellies this morning!

Do your coworkers, family or friends do little things that make all the difference? Give them thanks and let us know in the comments below!