I've got 2 tickets and 2 backstage passes to meet the Band Perry at their show this Sunday night in Billings! Are there any big Band Perry Fans out their in the XL Nation? Because if you've always wanted to meet the Band Perry I want to give them to you.

This will be the easiest way you ever get to win tickets (and meet the band you love!) from a radio station. You don't have to get lucky and be a certain caller, all you have to do is create a sign and be willing to stand on a busy corner with it for one-hour during the morning show on Friday! You do this---You Get the Tickets. And keep this in mind, this will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Never again will you not have a good story for a party or job interview.

I'll even tell you what you need to put on the sign! Are you still in? If so, email me and you could be meeting the Band Perry on Sunday night in Billings!