tom jordan

I’ve lived in several different states in my long radio career.  From Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, to Nevada, California, Idaho and Montana.  I’ve done lots of driving to and from the workplace.  And I’ve seen my share of crappy roads in several states.  Around here, some XL Country listeners and even some co-workers complain about the shape of roads all the time.  I don’t see it.  Even the potholes here aren’t near as bad as they are in the Midwest.  I really think that Montana has the best roads I’ve ever driven on!


So I asked Colleen’s husband Mike to help me out with what he thinks are the worst streets in and around Bozeman.  Here’s what he had to say, “Man, I know they are out there, cause I hit them all of the time.  I know that 8th street is bad, they are working on the south bound right now, but northbound is horrible! I think that most of them are in parking lots where concrete meets asphalt. You know those areas of decorative concrete or traffic calming devices. There is a good one on Lincoln near the university.”


Do you know of any potholes that haven’t been repaired?  Do we need to raise taxes to get this done?