I have a few more years!!!

Even Courtney Cox, who is 47, and looks pretty darned good, said that her mid 40's are a difficult time.  She's not alone.

According to Daily Mail, researchers found that age 46 is the point when a woman's confidence drops and she begins to feel uncomfortable with her looks.

They found it's the age when ladies start feeling that their views and opinions are no longer valid and are worried that their other half (if they have one) is aging better than they are.

The study also shows by the time women reach their mid-fifties, they are also less likely to receive glances from strangers in the street or compliments from the other sex.

Nearly all the women polled said they began struggling with their weight once they hit 40 - with ladies admitting they would like to shed around 20 pounds.

Turning 40 kicked my butt health and weight wise.  I have definitely noticed a change in my body.  How about you?