This cracks me up.  I believe it.  I am not the kind of woman who turns into mush around an attractive man.  I like to think I am strong and confident.  So, ladies, I hope you don't judge me when I say I sometimes have gotten 'giggly' around hot guys.  I mean superhot.  Those one in a million guys that you are not necessarily interested in (before/after marriage), but that are just that hot and charismatic.

Examples of this could be:  superhot cowboy, superhot fireman, superhot George Clooney.  I haven't met him, but assume my voice would probably go higher.

Here are the details, according to 'Men's Health'.

Researchers analyzed voicemails that women left for men and found that they raised their voice pitch by one musical note when they spoke to an attractive man, compared an unattractive man.

The study's lead author explained, 'A higher voice pitch suggests high estrogen levels, which is signal for reproductive health and fertility, making her a more attractive mate. Some women even increased their pitch by two notes when they found the man attractive.'

Who makes your voice go up?