It's funny that I read this study today.  Tonight, I am going to a wedding and wearing my 5 inch heels.  Yes, they hurt.  Yes, they are completely impractical.  Yes, they are gorgeous!

Almost a third of women buy shoes knowing they will be uncomfortable -- because they like how they look.

According to Daily Mail, a study found that the average woman spends $210.81 on five new pairs of shoes every year, at a cost of $42.31 each.   The study also found that instead of investing in shoes that can be worn more than once, three out of five pairs end up at the bottom of the closet having only been worn only once or twice, because they hurt.

Most of the time, I am in sensitive shoes.  But if I'm going out, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I will wear my killer heels.  What about you?