The snow has arrived in the form of Winter Storm Brutus. The roads are slick and the traffic is slow. We would like to remind everyone to be patient, plan ahead, and be a defensive driver this winter. Inside is a video tip from the Bozeman Police Department to help us keep the roads safe.

The safe driving tip is very basic, but with all the accidents I see each year on slow 25 MPH roads, the message is definitely worth repeating.

It takes longer to stop when conditions are snowy or icy so slow down and give yourself more time to stop.

I would also like to add, put down the cellphone. Even though it is against the law to operate a mobile device while driving in Bozeman city limits, I still see people texting and chatting behind the wheel.

My final thoughts: Always assume the road conditions are worse than they look, that way you are only running late for something rather than running to your insurance company or worse your family running to the hospital.