What do you and Tony Romo have in common? Most likely nothing at all, but much like the chance Tony Romo had, we are giving you the chance to briefly enjoy the presence of the beautiful Carrie Underwood. You and a friend can win a trip to meet Carrie Underwood in person and see her perform live in Baton Rouge, LA at the 2012 Bayou Country Superfest!

Entering the contest is simple. Planning what you will say to Carrie when you meet her is the difficult task. Do you gush about your love for her? No, she gets that all the time and she is currently married to a bigger-than-you NHL player. Do you play hard to get? No, she will think you are strange and possibly file a restraining order. Whatever you decide to confess, we leave to you, but before you'll ever have a chance though, you need to enter the contest.

To enter the contest, simply like XL Country's Facebook page, click on the link to the Carrie Underwood Contest and then click the big blue button that says 'Enter Sweepstakes.'

The winner will be announced at the beginning of May!

Carrie even has a new album, 'Blown Away', set to release on May 1st!

You have until May 1, 2012 at 3:00PM MST to enter.