Got a cut/color/mani/pedi/brow wax/makeup done at Capellis today.  First, I have to tell you that Kim at Capelli's is a genius.  I was WAY overdue for a "spruce up." Afterward, I went to work to finish up a few things before we head to Vegas.  People didn't recognize me.  True story.  I know I don't look my best in the morning.  Hair up, no makeup, sweats.  That's my "uniform."  I can fix myself up, but I can't be, and don't want to be one of those women who always looks perfect.  If you ever see one of them on an off day, you think they look like crap.  On the other hand, every once in a while, I am a pleasant surprise.  That being said, I didn't think it was THAT much of a transformation.  I think part of it is that my husband prefers me with a baseball cap and no makeup.  I like that too, but I have to admit, there's the girly part of me that can't wait to get to Vegas and get all dressed up!  They don't know me there,  so it won't be a surprise.   I didn't add a picture of the "new me" because my makeup has already melted off, and I look like me again!