Left Wing, Right Wing, Middle Wing, X-Wing.  Whatever direction you tend to lean, we want your opinion!  Take our poll and let us know who won the debate.

Gotta love the people that seem to take the debates very seriously and turned it into a drinking game! However, there is a lot of people on Facebook talking about how their candidate won the debate, or if anyone posts anything negative about their candidate then they are going to un-friend them!  Here is a quote from a person on my FB feed that talks about politics quite a bit.  This was her Quote last night.

"If you are going to spew awful, negative things about the debate, the president, or people voting for the president.....Please go ahead and unfriend me. I'm good...my life is stocked full of wonderful people, I don't have room in it for negativity. Thank you!"

She often times is the one saying negative things about the right side of things, that's why I find this funny.  BUT it is her opinion and I will let her say what she wants without commenting.  We want you to vote on who you think won the debate.