Have you ever wondered who is really on the naughty list?  Well after cutting a deal with the jolly old elf himself, I now have access to the list! I was shocked at some on the list, and not so much about others...what do you think?

Here’s Hollyscoop’s list of the naughtiest celebrities in Hollywood who are definitely getting coal in their stockings this year!

10. Alexis Neiers: This girl is like the epitome of screwed up. She rose to fame by her involvement in the Burglar Bunch—a group of teens who robbed several celebrities’ homes, including Orlando Bloom. E! rewarded Alexis for her behavior with a reality show called Pretty Wild.

Soon after, she pled no contest to a felony charge of first degree residential burglary of Orlando Bloom's home and was sentenced to 180 days in county jail. She spent one month in jail, right next to Lindsay Lohan, before being released.

But just a few months later, Alexis was busted with black tar heroin in her home. She was sentenced to a year in rehab.

9. Paris Hilton: Paris parties a lot, but usually never gets into trouble. But she hit a bit of a bad luck strike over the summer. It all began when Paris was arrested at the World Cup in South Africa after marijuana was found on someone in her group while at the game. She was questioned, and later released.

Two weeks later, sniffer dogs smelled out a gram of pot on her at the Corsica airport. She was arrested and questioned, then released again. Then in August, Paris and boyfriend Cy Waits were arrested on possession of cocaine while in Vegas.

Cops found cocaine in her purse, which she claimed was a friend’s. She later agreed to a plea deal, and swore off partying for good. We’ll see how long that lasts!

8. Demi Lovato: Demi is our surprise naughty girl on the list. She always made our good girl lists until she punched her back-up dancer Alex Welch on a plane in Columbia after she though Welch had ratted her out for partying. Demi has been dealing with emotional and physical issues for awhile, and there’s been speculation she was even cutting herself.

Poor girl has had to deal with Ashley Greene being on tour with her and the Jonas Brothers, since she’s now dating Joe Jonas, Demi’s ex. Can’t be easy! We hear she’s doing well in rehab.

7. George Lopez: George Lopez is so likeable that we can’t even believe he’s on our list! But he did do something awfully scandalous! In May the National Enquirer ran a story he cheated on his wife of 17 years with hookers. He never came forward about what went down, but in September, Lopez announced he was divorcing his wife. Something fishy definitely happened behind closed doors! We’ll just chalk it up to “irreconcilable differences?”

6. Miley Cyrus: Miley is one hot mess right now. It all began when she started wearing super slutty outfits to perform on stage. That was followed by her drinking beer in public while in Madrid. Shortly after, nude pics of her leaked online.

And the latest is a video of Miley smoking from a bit of paraphernalia and appearing to be super high. She’s only 18, is living on her own, and her parents clearly have no idea who’s she’s hanging out with or where she’s partying. Let’s hope this gets nipped in the bud, or we’re looking at our next Lindsay Lohan.

5. Jesse James: Jesse James was first caught out as a cheatin’ bastard back in March, just a few days after Sandra won the Oscar for her role in The Blind Side. In Touch was first to run the story that Jesse was having an affair with tatted up stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Several women came forward as the months went by. Sandra wasted no time divorcing his ass, and by April she was on the cover of People debuting her song Louis. Jesse was basically driven out of his home in Orange County, and is currently keeping a low-profile in Austin, Texas, and is still dating Kat Von D.

4. Tony Parker: Tony got caught red-handed by his wife Eva Longoria- she found hundreds of text messages on his phone from Eric Barry, the estranged wife of Parker’s ex Spurs teammate Brent Barry. This wasn’t the first time Tony had been accused of cheating—just 5 months into their marriage, French model Alexandra Paressant claimed she’d had an affair with Parker. Eva stood by her man.

But not this time. She filed for divorce in LA, just one day after Tony filed himself in Texas. He apparently wants her back, but she’s not budging this time.

3. Charlie Sheen : Where do we begin? His string of bad behavior began around this time last year, when he threatened his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife on Christmas Day. He voluntarily checked into rehab in February, but sources say he was still boozing it up and doing drugs on the down-lo.

We didn’t hear much after that until October, when Charlie was found at the Plaza in NYC with paid escort Capri Anderson. He was wasted when the cops showed up, and they carted him off to the hospital.

He still refuses to really acknowledge his bad behavior, and returned to Two and a Half Men pretty quickly afterwards. He did finally file for divorce from Brooke Mueller—it’s about time!

2. Lindsay Lohan: Where do we begin? In May, Lindsay failed to show up for a DUI progress report hearing because she was too busy partying in Cannes. So the judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest. Her people posted bail, and she was forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet, undergo drug testing, and attend weekly alcohol education classes.

Her next hearing was scheduled for July 6—which is the day she was sentenced to jail for 90 days, followed by 90 days of rehab. She couldn’t cry herself out of it, and we all thought this was Lindsay’s wake-up call.

Lindsay was let out August 24, and was sent off to UCLA for rehab. After being let out early, Lindsay was scheduled for another hearing November 1, but failed a drug test before it happened. She tested positive for cocaine.

Her hearing was pushed up, and the judge sent her off to rehab again—this time to Betty Ford. She remains there until January 3,2011. Let’s hope ’11 will be the year for LL to make the nice list!

1. LeAnn Rimes : LeAnn gets our #1 pick because nobody likes a homewrecker. She basically flaunted her affair with Eddie Cibrian for everyone to see, and then cried because everyone hates her now.

Last year at this time, Leann and her ex Dean Sheremet decided to divorce. It wasn’t long before LeAnn moved right in with Eddie. They pose for the paps like it’s going out of style, and expect everyone to think they’re adorable just because they’re in love.

We understand that sometimes the love fizzles in a marriage, and you can even start developing feelings for someone else. But the way she went about the whole thing is just despicable. You’re naughty to the max, LeAnn, and deserve nothing but coal in your stocking this year!

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