Normally on a long weekend I like to get out of town and go do something fun.  Camping, visiting family, or just getting caught up on some sleep.  With the smoke and fire danger lingering around I think camping might be out of the question.  Here's a few things you can do this long weekend to keep you distracted from the smoke.Distractions:

  1. Drink some beer
  2. Work on that honey-do list. (mine is a little long)
  3. Have a camp out in your backyard! (you can cook smores on your stove.)
  4. Have a Movie Marathon
  5. Beer
  6. Practice your tailgating skills in your driveway.
  7. Drive far away where there isn't any smoke/fire danger, and camp... Oh wait everything is on fire!
  8. Read A Book
  9. Adopt a kitten
  10. Go to the store to buy more beer...