After living in Bozeman for eight years I've become accustomed to the people, the places and - the smells! I find it comforting to walk into a business and be welcomed by a familiar smell. It seems nearly every business has a certain smell to it and I want to know what Bozeman business's smell you find the most distinguished!

Think of this as a study of sorts. If I could, I would bottle up each smell and then task you with identifying each business with each smell. But because I can't actually do that, I am asking you to imagine. Imagine the below smells are all in jars, which do you think you could recognize easiest? Dont' forget to share with your friends so we can get an accurate survey.

(I left off the obvious coffee shops and hair salons because there are too many of them and I don't think someone could tell one from another in a blind test. If you disagree, let me know in the comments below!)