So with Lori finally well enough to travel, her Mom came in from Reno to get Lori for a trip to see our daughter Ashley, who is still living in Fresno and attending college there.  Lori left me a 'honey-do' to complete while she's away, even though it's only for a week. First order of business, paint the handrails on the deck white to match the trim of the house.  That was easy and quick too!  At this point I figured coating the deck with the weatherproofing would be a breeze, even though Lori bought me a 3 inch brush for the task.  I started Saturday morning and after almost 3 hours, I stopped.  I needed a break.

Started back up Sunday morning and used what was left in the can, which got me about 1/3 of the deck complete.  Holy Cow!  It does look really good, but now I'm off to the hardware store to get at least two more gallons of stain/weatherproofing to finish it up before Lori comes home on Thursday.

What kind of honey-dos have you been doing this summer?