I work hard during the week.  I have my job, of course...the kids, the house, the yard, etc.  Plus, I work out with super trainer, Annie twice a week.  I eat healthy, and am being pretty darn good about not having weekday cocktails.  By the weekend, I am ready to have some fun and relax.

This past weekend, I had a fundraiser to go to for Big Sky Youth Empowerment.  I had some cocktails.  Saturday, we bbq'd, played badminton and soccer with the kids, and had a few beers.  Sunday, we went to the carnival, family fun day, and bbqd in the late day sunshine.  Oh, and I had a few beers.

Now, to Monday, and my workout with Annie.  It hurt...bad!  I was sweating.  Not a little, nice girl sweat,  but full on sweating, breathing hard, hurting.  I did it to myself.

My new goal is not to go crazy on the weekends.  It's difficult during the summer.  I love to get together with my friends and cook.  I love making pies, and yes, I love to have a little wine or beer at the lake!  This weekend, we are getting together with a bunch of people at the lake.  I am going to go waterskiing, paddleboating, play basketball and volleyball.  Lots of exercise, but I find my workouts with Annie still hurt if I abuse food and wine.

So, let's see if I can do this!  Like Annie says, I still have to live my life, have some fun, and treat myself.  I am quite good at treating myself, now I just have to see if I can keep from going overboard.

Wish me luck, and join me at The Ridge!  I just love that place!