Who could say "no" to that face?

New York (Reuters)

Americans may be clipping money-saving coupons and delaying buying a new home, but when it comes to their pets they're spending more than ever.

Flying in the face of economic woes, between two and five percent of pet owners said they spent more on their pets last year, according to the poll by the non-profit American Pet Products Association (APPA).

Americans are so concerned about their pets that 16 percent of dog owners and 13 percent of cat owners said their animal's medical treatment would take priority over their own.

About 73 million U.S. households, or about two-thirds of the total, have one or more pets, the survey showed, with dogs and cats accounting for about three-quarters of pets.

Pet owners are projected to spend a whopping $12.2 billion on veterinary cares in 2011, up from $11 billion last year and $8.2 billion five years ago.

Cat owners in particular are making more trips to the vet — 2.4 visits in 2010 compared to 2.1 in 2008 — and spending $423 on surgery, more than $278 in 2008.

How much do you spend on your pets?  While in Vegas, my sister let the dog sleep in my bed with her...on the sheets.  Do your pets sleep in bed with you?