This is one of the cool things about Radio! You never know who you're going to run into in the hallways of the radio station. Today I was going to go get some coffee and I ran into a real life Harlem Globetrotter in our kitchen! It was like I was in one of those ESPN commercials. He was even in his uniform!  I grew up watching the Harlem Globetrotters with Meadowlark Lemon & Curly Neal! And I spent many an hour on a basketball court trying to perfect their shots and dribbling.

Dizzie Grant--the Globetrotter we met today--was here to be a guest with Chris Griffin on our sister station KMMS-AM, But Dizzie said he would come by tomorrow and hangout with us.

So, tune in to the show tomorrow morning. Dizzie will be with us between 7:30a - 8am, and I'll be giving away our last Family 4-pack of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters this Saturday night at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse!

Hope I can find some red, white, and blue shorts to wear!